HybridAPC, ø 2.3 mm, Length 1.9 m

No: 20150-015

  • Cost-efficient disposable instrument
  • Multifunctional instrument with proven APC and waterjet functions
  • One instrument for all Barrett localizations and esophagus lumina
  • No instrument change required between elevation and ablation
  • Easy to use
  • Filter-integrated probe provides maximum protection against contamination

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Technical data

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions ø 2,3 mm
Length 1.9 m

Basic features

Compatibility VIO, ERBEJET 2, APC 2
Flexibility flexible
Connection FiAPC plug, fluid connector

Cleaning and Reprocessing

Sterile packaging EO
Single-use product yes


Classification acc. to 93/42 EWG IIb
Protection category acc. to EN 60 601-1
Type acc. to EN 60 601-1

Additional product information

Packaging unit 5 Piece
Max. electrical capacity 5 kVp



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