Partial nephrectomy with ERBEJET® 2


  • absolute: bilateral kidney tumors
  • absolute: tumors in a functional or anatomical single kidney
  • absolute: in the case of a pre-existing compensated renal insufficiency
  • relative: if the postoperative kidney function is at increased risk
  • Elective: standard procedure for the treatment of small kidney tumors under 4 cm when the contralateral kidney is healthy

Advantages of ERBE equipment

  • No need to clamp off the kidney pedicle / no renal ischemia
  • Minimal blood loss through selective dissection and concurrent coagulation
  • Integration of the functions dissection, coagulation and suction in one instrument
  • Sparing and safe treatment of the vessels and the efferent renal system
  • Improved view of the operation site through integrated suction
  • Less thermal necrosis (greatest possible residual functionality)
  • Shorter operation times

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Operation steps
Transperitoneal access

Transperitoneal access

Access to the operation site and preparation are achieved with the VIO 300 D in SWIFT COAG or CLASSIC COAG mode.

Circular incision around the tumor

Circular incision around the tumor

Using a monopolar spatula electrode, the renal capsule is opened in VIO SWIFT COAG mode.

Dissection with the waterjet

Dissection with the waterjet

The tumor is afterwards removed from the healthy kidney tissue. Effect setting 20 and the monopolar ERBEJET applicator with suction (Art. No. 20150-036) are suitable for renal surgery. The suction setting on the ERBE ESM 2 should be -800 mbar.

Coagulation of the vessels

Coagulation of the vessels

Apart from the waterjet dissection function, the monopolar ERBEJET applicator also allows concurrent or subsequent coagulation of the vessels. Recommended VIO mode: SWIFT COAG