Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy with ERBEJET® 2


  • Prostate carcinoma

Advantages of ERBE equipment

  • Selective, layer-specific exposure
  • Less trauma in important structures
  • Good intraoperative overview with excellent detail recognition
  • Minimization of blood loss
  • ERBEJET® and VIO® are both compatible with da Vinci Sugical System

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Operation steps
Atraumatic Exposure of the neurovascular bundle

Atraumatic Exposure of the neurovascular bundle

The preparation of the neurovascular bundle between the parapelvic fascia and the prostatic capsule is carried out intermittently using both the waterjet itself and the mechanical action of the applicator tip.

Targeted treatment of branch vessels

Targeted treatment of branch vessels

Smaller transverse branch vessels that run from the prostate gland to the neurovascular bundle are carefully rinsed free using the waterjet and atraumatically skeletonized. They are then selectively sealed close to the prostate using the BiClamp LAP forceps and cut through.