BiClamp LAP forceps, Maryland, semi-deep ribbed, shaft Ø 5 mm, non-adhesive coating, length 340 mm

with connecting cable 4 m and MF plug, complete instrument

No: 20195-134

  • Tissue structures can be coagulated over larger areas
  • The individual dissection of vessels is usually not necessary
  • Effective and rapid coagulation due to the optimal synchronization of the instrument and the ERBE VIO generator
  • Highly economical: ERBE BiClamp is reusable; the procedure saves time and suture material
  • AUTO STOP is user-friendly and offers optimal results
  • When the instrument is plugged in, Plug & Play automatically adjusts the specific parameters

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Technical data

Dimensions and weight

Shaft diameter 5 mm
Length 340 mm
Cable length with connecting cable 4 m

Basic features

Shape / Forming Maryland
Connection MF plug


Branches semi-deep
Coating with non-adhesive coating

Cleaning and Reprocessing

Cleaning in washer disinfector max 95 °C
Sterilization in autoclave max 138 °C


Classification acc. to 93/42 EWG IIb
Protection category acc. to EN 60 601-1
Type acc. to EN 60 601-1

Additional product information

Max. electrical capacity 0.25 kVp
Packaging unit 1 Piece

Insert for BiClamp® LAP forceps, Maryland



Shaft tube for bipolar LAP forceps and BiClamp® LAP forceps



Handle for BiClamp® LAP forceps



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