Mumbai Live Endoscopy 2013

The 11th MUMBAI 'LIVE' Endoscopy course took place in Mumbai from the 5th to the 8th of September this year.

Mumbai Live Endoscopy 2013 The Association of Interventional GI Endoscopy of India (AIGE) Foundation conducted its 11th MUMBAI LIVE Endoscopy conference during 05th SEP to 08th SEP 2013 at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai.

Dr. Amit Maydeo was the course chairman.

The Program gathered around 1200 national participants and 30 international / national faculties in the congress.

The Live demonstration was telecasted from Baldota Institute of Digestive Sciences, Global Hospital, Mumbai.
Erbe Booth Erbe India participated with a prime booth displaying GI Workstation, FiAPC and Hybrdiknife posters.

Besides the GI Workstation, VIO 200S, FiAPC probes and HybridKnife were presented.

Mumbai Live Endoscopy 2013 On thursday 5th september master classes focussing on ERCP, EUS, EMR, ESD and POEM took place.

Dr. Amit Maydeo presented a Video on POEM containing history, background, present techniques, step by step explanation, competitive surgeries and future of POEM.

Mumbai Live Endoscopy 2013 On friday 6th september the program included 6 hours of live endoscopy demonstrations, telecasted from BIDS, Global Hospital, Mumbai.

Dr .Amit Maydeo, BIDS, Global hospitals, Mumbai illustrated the step by step techniques of POEM procedure.
Mumbai Live Endoscopy 2013 In other live workshops the following procedures were carried out with the help of VIO system:
  • EMR by Dr.Michael Bourke (Australia), Dr. Ang Ting Leong (Singapore) & Dr. James Lau (Hong Kong)
  • ERCP, Duodenal colonic stents by Dr. Alessandro Repici (Italy) & Dr. Simson Lo (USA)
  • Pre cut stents for benign biliary strictures by Dr. Nageshwar Reddy