En Bloc Resection of Bladder Tumors using the HybridKnife®


  • Non-muscle-invasive bladder carcinoma

Advantages of ERBE equipment

  • High-pressure waterjet and electrosurgery in a single instrument
  • No change of instrument
  • Water cushion for mechanical and thermal protection
  • Minimized risk of bleeding (blood vessels compressed by water cushion)
  • En-bloc resection and R0 resection possible
  • No dissection of the tumor into small fragments

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Operation steps
Marking of the tumor margin

Marking of the tumor margin

Prior to elevation, the tumor is marked with a circle of coagulation points



The tumor is raised between the marking points using the waterjet function

Incision / Dissection

Incision / Dissection

At the raised resection level, an incision is made around the tumor, which is then resected

post coagulation

post coagulation

Any capillary bleeding can be subsequently coagulated using FORCED COAG