Erbeplus service

Erbe Service Partnership

Always nearby

Immer in der Nähe The location of your Erbe service technician is usually close by and seldom further than one or two hours drive away from your clinic. So if needed, he'd be with you very quickly and handle any repair tasks with the manufacturer's know-how. Or he provides immediate help with telephonic advice.

Just as much service as needed

Genau so viel Service, wie Sie brauchen With the completion of an individual customer service agreement, you not only minimise the risk of expensive down-times but also secure our own full manufacturer competence and efficiency in case of an emergency. However, not everyone needs the same service scope. Our service portfolio is modular so that you are provided with exactly what you need.


Safety-relevant control without stress
With Erbe basic you can be flexible but still ensure the value maintenance of your systems though the competence of your Erbe service technician.


Financial advantage during down-times
With Erbe comfort you reduce your service costs - with simultaneous safe operation of your surgical systems.


Optimal planning & budget security
You can play it safe with Erbe complete and us as your strategic partners in the maintenance process - at surprisingly favorable conditions.

A clear concept: the Erbe Service partnership

Nobody knows your requirements better than you do. Nobody knows our systems better than we do. Together we form the perfect team: the Erbe Service partnership!