Interventional Workshop Pulmonology

15 - 16 September 2016 in Tuebingen

Interventional Pulmonology
We would like to invite you to the Workshop “Interventional Pulmonology” to be held in Tübingen. Interventional Bronchoscopy is gaining more and more importance in our daily practice in pulmonary medicine. Cryotechniques, APC and diathermal applications are playing an important and useful role in this field.

Supported by Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH, PD Dr. Juergen Hetzel will discuss the technical and clinical aspects of these different techniques. The main focus of this workshop will be the hands-on training on models and living animals.

We will practice central and transbronchial cryobiopsies including training of complication prevention and management by balloon placement. Another key aspect of the workshop is foreign body removal of different objects and simulation of tumor debulking with the cryoprobe. Additionally, we will practice tumor debulking and bleeding control with flexible APC and diathermal probes. Theory sessions about the technology complete the program.

We look forward to welcoming you in Tübingen to an interesting and lively exchange of information.


Thursday, 15.09.2016
13.00 h Welcome address
13.15 h Technology introduction - Stefan Habisreitinger, Erbe
14.15 h Coffee break
14.30 h Hands-on training Models
17.00 h Coffee break
17.30 h Interventional pulmonology - PD Dr Jürgen Hetzel
19.00 h End of program
19.30 h Mutual dinner

Friday, 16.09.2016
08.00 h Welcome address - PD Dr Martin Schenk, UKT
08.30 h Practical training - PD Dr. Jürgen Hetzel
10.30 h Coffee break
11.00 h Practical training - PD Dr Jürgen Hetzel
12.30 h Final discussion
13.00 h Light lunch
14.00 h End of workshop