Intensive Courses Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery

Training for the Waterjet assisted TEM-ESD in chromoendoscopic techniqie

Intensivkurse Transanale Endoskopische Mikrochirurgie

During TEM the Bueß rectoscope and a set of  specialized instruments are introduced through the anus for operating. In this way rectal adenomas as well as small rectal carci-nomas, can be removed operatively.

The course, with its unique combination of practical exer-cises of increasing grades of difficulty, operating theatre visits and theoretical instruction, is de signed to provide the participant with the relevant know-how that will prepare him to carry out "safe operating techniques".

The important specific aspects for the diagnosis, as rules for rectoscopy, ultrasound examination and biopsy will be focussed upon. Correct indication, specifically in case of early cancer and for combined treatment will be an impor-tant topic, as well as prevention and treatment of compli-cations.

The course concludes, after the clinical visit, with a discussion round.

Principles of the training

  • Teaching in small groups
  • Increasing complexity of the operative steps
  • Focus on training of manual dexterity and mastership of the procedure
  • Use of anatomical training boxes with integrated animal organs

Dates 2016

  • 08.-11. May 2017
  • 19.-22. June 2017
  • 20.-23. November 2017

General Notes

  • Course fee: EUR 1.200,- (incl. lunch and one common dinner)
  • Course language: English

Waterjet-supported TEM-ESD with ERBEJET 2