5th generation

Success in the Global Market 1996-today

Christian O. Erbe and Reiner Thede

Christian O. Erbe and Reiner Thede The 5th generation’s business policy is completely geared towards the concept of networking. Christian O. Erbe and Reiner Thede, together with Helmut Erbe, continued to expand the international distribution network between 1996 and 2002. Since then, new subsidiaries have been established in China, Russia, Italy and India, as well as representative offices in Serbia, Singapore and Lebanon. Further networking cooperation projects were established with hospitals and scientific institutions.

The Erbe VIO electrosurgical system can be configured as a workstation for different application areas – urology, gynecology, gastroenterology and general surgery – with software and hardware specifically for the respective discipline.

Examples for the additional surgical modules in the VIO system:
- the APC 2 argon plasma coagulation unit
- the ERBEJET 2 waterjet surgical device
- and further surgical units for smoke evacuation, nerve testing or an endoscopic irrigation pump.

The VIO workstations are compatible and cross-linkable with surgical and robotic systems from other manufacturers and support new surgical techniques of the future, including single port laparoscopy or NOTES. New instruments, for example HybridKnife or BiClamp and BiCision, enable the use of new surgical techniques, which open up gentle and effective therapies for the patient.

The expansion of customer services with products such as Erbeplus service and Erbeplus finance helps consolidate international market leadership.

The foundations for the future have been laid at the Tübingen site with extensive organizational restructuring. This saw a new research and development center built in 2002 and a new logistics center in 2008 to supply customers directly worldwide.
The VIO system The VIO system is a modular workstation individually configurable for every medical specialty. Surgical hardware components can be integrated into the workstation, e.g. devices for argon plasma coagulation, smoke evacuation, the waterjet surgical device ERBEJET 2 with suction module, an endoscopic irrigation pump or a nerve testing device. The Erbe VIO electrosurgical unit is the master module. It is compatible with surgical or robotic systems from other manufacturers like OR-1, Endoalpha, Core or DaVinci.
Vessel sealing or thermofusion Vessel sealing or thermofusion is an effective method for safely sealing vessels and tissue structures prior to severing. The BiCision instrument for laparoscopy integrates a cutting function in addition to thermofusion.
Flexible APC probe The flexible FiAPC probe can be used to stop bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract or to devitalize tissue anomalies, all performed as endoscopic techniques, which is particularly gentle on the patient.