4th generation

Electrosurgery Worldwide 1962-2002

Helmut Erbe (*1928)

Heinrich Erbe Helmut Erbe, who started working in the company in 1945, began to exert a decisive influence on its development many years before the death of his father. He assumed sole management in 1962. Helmut Erbe quickly realized that the success of the company lay in a well-developed distribution network. He began by establishing sales agencies in the most important German cities. At the same time, contacts were also increased to commercial enterprises in the Near, Middle and Far East as well as in Africa, North and Latin America. Step by step, subsidiaries were established abroad: the first foreign subsidiary was established 1968 in Vienna. Other offices followed in France, the U.S.A., the Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Russia, and Great Britain. The construction of a new company headquarters also took place in the era of his leadership.

New and fundamental developments in the product sector set new standards internationally. Completely new techniques made their appearance in operating rooms and medical practices as a result of Erbe’s development of innovative equipment. The company’s market leadership was secured by extensive outlays in research and development – unusually large for a company of its size – and by close collaboration with clinics and universities around the world. In this way, Helmut Erbe laid a solid foundation at all levels and ensured the company’s steady growth and development. In 1996 he integrated the fifth generation of the family into the management of the company in the persons of his son Christian and his son-in-law Reiner Thede.
T-400 The T-400 generator shown here from the year 1977 was the most successful of the “T series”. A wide range of accessories was also developed, constituting an important part of the company’s portfolio.
ERBOTOM TUR The introduction to the market of the world’s first automatically regulated surgical unit followed in 1985 with the ERBOTOM TUR. This development, based on microprocessor technology, was a milestone in the company’s history. It continued with the ACC series and the further improved ICC series.
ERBOGALVAN E Stimulation current units are used in therapy and diagnosis of nervous system and muscular functions and constituted a further product sector of Erbe. The ERBOGALVAN E, with the Caddy, was developed in 1995; it is software-controlled, user-friendly and easy to operate.
Electrosurgical Units In 1997, the 150th year of its existence, Erbe produced an extensive line of products, with electrosurgical units for nearly all surgical specialties. The Erbe product range also includes units for cryo (i.e. freezing) surgery and special equipment for ophthalmic surgery, together with a broad selection of accessories.
„Intelligent Cut and Coagulation“ “lntelligent Cut and Coagulation”: Erbe assumed leadership in the technology of electrosurgery with the ICC units and their regulated high-frequency cutting technique. The first units came on the market in 1992. Flexible probes were developed in 1995, making it possible to use Argon Plasma Coagulation in endoscopic surgery.